“I decided to rest my principalship upon a mantra of innovation, cultural responsiveness, and social justice. The notion of ‘we’ve always done it this way’ was no longer good enough for our school to reach its potential.” – André Benito Mountain

The Mountain Principles is a guidebook with stories, life lessons, and wisdom for leading and learning along the way. Any leader or leadership team seeking to fine tune their work should get this book. There are valuable lessons to be learned from the classroom to the front office.
All too often schools are ranked based on surface level data. Educators and leaders for social justice who seek insight on how to unleash the brilliance within their classrooms and schools will find a refreshing blend of experience, research, and critical reflection in this innovative book.

Art of the Mic Drop . cover . teach-mag-cover

Listen to audio clips from the book!

Audio Clip 1:  The Art of Reinvention (Read by Jason Louder)

Audio Clip 2:  A.R. Johnson and the Culture of High Expectations (Read by Ken Nelson)

Audio Clip 3:  Jazz Thing (Read by Ken Nelson)

Audio Clip 4:  GSU and Hip Hop (Read by Ken Nelson)

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