We Don’t Love These Holes: Embracing and Overcoming Resistance

We’d just ended our Title I Annual Meeting and as the parents began filing out of the cafeteria I saw one parent approaching me and smiling. I knew her well from afternoon dismissal. Her daughter was one of our best 5th grade students and I’d recently remarked to her mother that her daughter’s report cardContinue reading “We Don’t Love These Holes: Embracing and Overcoming Resistance”

Seeds of Change: How Urban Agriculture is Growing Our School

When schools refine their focus and synergize all their efforts around innovative initiatives they begin to, sometimes literally, see the fruits of their labor. This summer, a team of teachers from Marbut Traditional Theme School met to discuss our ongoing school improvement plans.  We’d been pursuing STEAM certification for years with no real traction.  WeContinue reading “Seeds of Change: How Urban Agriculture is Growing Our School”

Creating Spaces that Nourish Youth Activism

The week preceding the Thanksgiving Break is a busy one for any school principal. There are evaluations to be completed and parent events that require attention. In my movements through Marbut’s hallways over the last few weeks I’ve encountered two fourth grade students who continue to politely remind me that they would like to meetContinue reading “Creating Spaces that Nourish Youth Activism”

Emotional Intelligence Matters

Walking through Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood is a Saturday ritual for me. From Moreland Avenue, I find my usual table in the corner of Sevananda Natural Foods Market and observe the steady flow of eclectic patrons pouring into the iconic store. I’ve been visiting Sevananda since the early 90’s and the experience has alwaysContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence Matters”

The Courage to Fight

courage noun .   cour·age | \ˈkər-ij,  ˈkə-rij\ .   : mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty This month I’ve been talking to students about how to display courage.  In order for our young people to understand how to embody courage, we must show them examples of those who have confronted obstacles and risked comfortContinue reading “The Courage to Fight”

The Hard Knock Life

There is much symbolism around the idea of a door.  Doorways represent transitions from one place to another.  The doorway is where our guests are welcomed into a home or a school.  The doorway is where first impressions are made. Our language is sprinkled with idioms alluding to the significance of doors: When one doorContinue reading “The Hard Knock Life”