DEF-ED Professionals Publishing 101 & 102 : How to Get Your Writing in Education Publications

André Benito Mountain is an educational advocate, school principal, and a relentless champion for new approaches to be integrated into today’s ever-changing academic environment. He is a regular contributor to Education Post, Education Week, Citizen Ed and Principal Magazine. He is the author of “Principals Don’t Walk on Water”, “The Brilliance Beneath”, and “The Mountain Principles”. He is the creator of “Taking Notes: Jazz and the American Story”, an interactive presentation designed to increase student engagement in African-American history that combines storytelling, Jazz music, and lessons from America’s past through the lens of Jazz. He and his daughter are the founders of Def-ED Clothing, an apparel line inspired by urban culture and designed for educators.

André is an advocate for innovations in curriculum/instruction development, and technology integration . André’s belief in high expectations from educators, students, and administrators inspires others to explore arts-infused teaching strategies to connect with students. He inspires a new generation of teachers to leverage their creativity to change the lives of children. André Benito Mountain is a visionary educator who lives by his creed: Stay positive. Work hard. Make it happen.

You have a story that educators need to hear! Learn how to craft your submissions so you can get them in front of millions of educational professionals.

DEF-ED 101 – Finding Your Lane and Perfecting Your Brand

This course helps you to determine your area of expertise and to craft a brand that capitalizes on your experiences as an educator. You will learn how to determine which magazines and websites are looking for your story and how to connect with them and make a powerful first impression. You will learn how to craft your blog posts and writings to reach thousands of other educational professionals.

When: Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 10:00 am

DEF-ED 101 – Brand Expansion and E-Commerce

This course will teach you how to take your message to the next level. Once you have crafted your message and your brand, you must know how to monetize the brand. What are the ways you can leverage social media to support your long-term goals? You will learn how to expand your brand and bring influencers into your network. You will learn how to determine which conferences you must attend and what to do once you are there.

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