Taking Notes: Jazz and the American Story

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 Taking Notes:  Jazz and the American Story is an interactive, innovative  live educational program that provides students with an experience with American history embedded in a journey through jazz.  The program immerses students for 60-90 minutes in key elements of the American story with stops along the way to visit different changes in the music and culture of jazz that that reflected the changes in society.  They will encounter Nina taking-notes-jazzSimone, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong.  They will learn about the origin of instruments such as the drum, the banjo, and the xylophone.  Most importantly, they will learn how interwoven the people, music, and culture of America has become.

The Documentary:


Taking Notes: Jazz and the American Story has been presented at high schools, colleges, and community festivals around the country.  Some of the recent events include Wesleyan College, Augusta Technical College, Atlanta Public Schools, and the National Council for the Social Studies Conference.  The program has been featured in magazines such as Curriculum in Context and recently was on the cover of TEACH Magazine’s Spring 2016 issue.

In 2016, Taking Notes:  Jazz and the American Story was featured on the cover of TEACH Magazine, the most widely distributed education magazine in Canada.  Contact us today to bring this remarkable program to your school district!

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