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Taking Notes Jazz Presentation for Teaching American History in Schools
André Benito Mountain in the studios of Next Level Teaching with Jeremy Anderson in July 2020.

What People Say

I know that Andre loves children and is deeply committed to support teachers in their work to properly educate today’s students. In addition, I know that he is deeply concerned about educational inequities that result in the racial achievement gap and what is currently referred to as the school to-prison pipeline. Please hear this solution-oriented educator.

Dr. Shango Blake

As one of the few black male teachers in my childhood, I greatly admired the example of Mr. Mountain. Whether it was sharing life lessons or teaching us how to play chess, he equipped us to be versatile, life-long learners in an ever-changing world. Now, as a principal and author, Mr. Mountain shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences in a way that speaks truth to power and challenges the status quo.”

Juawn Jackson

Rarely is there a man or woman that can inspire so many through honest and unconditional love for children and learning . I am still in awe of his energy and undying support of not only children but also of adults who want to learn and make this world a better place for all through learning.

Judy Hayward, Educator

Inspiring. Motivating. Compelling.

Andre Benito Mountain brings an exciting perspective into public education and leadership. His inspiring stories, passion for culture and arts integration make him one of the most sought after speakers in public education today.

Leadership Insights for a New Generation of School Leaders

This year has taught us that the face and context of public education is ready for a dramatic shift. Principal Mountain and his Def-ED Team have spoken to hundreds of educators at national conferences and professional development workshops. He shares stories of overcoming obstacles and ideas for expanding the reach of our schools.

How Can We Help?

Help your team integrate the arts into other content areas to boost student creativity. Principal Mountain shares how music, visual arts, and movement can bring a classroom to life.

Reignite that fire and passion for teaching in your team. Captivating real-life experiences shared by Principal Mountain touch the hearts of your team.

Bring events from history to life with this 60-90 minute professional development. Music and images from history are woven into a powerful story that starts in Africa and ends in present-day America.

Principal Mountain shares the ways to bring culture and cultural responsiveness to the forefront of your work as a school.

Principal Mountain will help your leadership team take your parent meetings and staff meetings to the next level using virtual platforms that increase engagement and interaction. No more “sit and get” formats. Let’s climb to the next level.


André Benito Mountain

Help your teachers maximize the power of their connection with each scholar. Climb higher with Principal Mountain.